Monday, February 11, 2019

كم فرزندى (Low fertility couples)

زايش ستيزى درست نيست اما كم فرزندى براى يك يا دو نسل خيلى خوب است چون به كاهش جمعيت .بشر كمك ميكند و سرعت نابودى محيط زيست توسط بشر كند خواهد شد.

Our planet is overpopulated. Excess human population has led to pollution, global warming, extinction of many species of plants and animals, and worsening global competition for the limited natural resources of our ecosystem. Governments and political leaders have not been able to show effective leadership in addressing the global challenges such as global warming. It is up to all of us as individuals to do our share in reducing the adverse impact of humanity on the planet's ecosystem.

The best step that any young adult can take in this direction is to reduce the pace of population growth or even reverse it. We have an instinctive desire to have children but the most important step toward saving our planet is to have fewer children. Limiting the number of children to one or less is a sacrifice that will benefit the future generations. If a large number of young couples all around the world forego the joy of having two or more children, the population growth rate will not only slow down but we might also witness an era of negative population growth.
The world population is projected to rise to nine billion by 2050. If one or two generation of young couples limit their fertility to one or zero children we might be able to stabilize of even reduce the world population below current level of 7.5 billion.

Let us cherish and honor the single child and childless couples.

Unfortunately some communities are locked in fertility wars that lead to a faster population growth. Jews and Palestinians are engaged in fertility competition because of the Arab-Israel conflict. Some countries such as Hungary are encouraging more fertility for fear of "undesirable" immigrants. These behaviors might seem patriotic but if many countries engage in demographic competition the net effect is a faster growth rate of total human population.

Some countries that were successful in reducing population growth have reversed their policies and are now encouraging families to have more children because of their rising elderly population. Best example in this category is China. Transition to a lower population is a better policy than encouraging high fertility for sake of supporting a large elderly population. If fertility remains low, the share of elderly population will diminish and stabilize after one or two generation. The quality of life will be better and the standard of living in China will be higher if its population declines to under one billion by 2050 rather than rising to 1.5 billion.

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