Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Media News: Arabs Turks and Iranians [ATI] Project.

Video and audio files that focus on interactions among Arabs, Turks and Iranians.

Arabs, Turks and Persians (A 30 minute video clip)
GCC Relations with Iran: Limits to Cooperation... - The GCC Countries: Politics and Economics conference.   Includes a valuable analysis by Dr. Fatima Al-Smadi (2015)
Managing the Saudi-Iranian Regional Rivalry  - Lecture at Centre for International and Regional Studies (2015)
'Persian vs Arab, my brother and my enemy' - Clip on Iraqi and Iranian war veterans

كم فرزندى (Low fertility couples)

زايش ستيزى درست نيست اما كم فرزندى براى يك يا دو نسل خيلى خوب است چون به كاهش جمعيت .بشر كمك ميكند و سرعت نابودى محيط زيست توسط بشر كند خ...