Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Media News: Arabs Turks and Iranians [ATI] Project.

Video and audio files that focus on interactions among Arabs, Turks and Iranians.

Arabs, Turks and Persians (A 30 minute video clip)
GCC Relations with Iran: Limits to Cooperation... - The GCC Countries: Politics and Economics conference.   Includes a valuable analysis by Dr. Fatima Al-Smadi (2015)
Managing the Saudi-Iranian Regional Rivalry  - Lecture at Centre for International and Regional Studies (2015)
'Persian vs Arab, my brother and my enemy' - Clip on Iraqi and Iranian war veterans

Spring Fun (شادى پرندگان , نادر حبيبى 2019)

Video:  Spring Fun (شادى پرندگان , نادر حبيبى 2019)